• Adoption fees are not negotiable. We do not offer payment plans and will not consider any trades.
  • Our animals are intended to be pets, not breeding stock. While we rarely receive information on genetic background or known hets, we will not disclose this information if it was provided to us. We also will not attempt to identify morphs.
  • If you are selected to adopt an animal, you are expected to travel to Kenosha to pick up this animal during our available adoption appointment times. Please do not apply for any animal unless you are willing & able to drive to Kenosha.
  • We will make an exception and allow for adoptions to be picked up at events that our organization is attending. These requests must be made in advance and are subject to our discretion. If the pickup request is approved, the animal’s adoption fee must be paid in full prior to the event. Failure to pick up the animal during the event will result in the animal being placed up for adoption; no refunds will be given for paid adoption fees.
  • We require proof of proper enclosure prior to adoption.
  • If you have any questions regarding our adoption process or the standards required to adopt a particular animal, please contact us via email at info@badgerlandrescue.com or send a message to our Facebook page.

Badgerland Reptile Rescue does not have a “waiting list” or allow individuals to be pre-approved for the adoption of a particular species. This decision was made after determining the need to properly allocate our volunteer resources, as well as a desire to place each animal into the individual home best suited for its adoption.

Shipping is available on rare occasions but the adopter is responsible for all costs related to shipping (these costs are in usually in the $100-$150 range and do not include the required adoption fee). If shipping is needed, we will only use Reptiles2You and ship to a FedEx hub, not a residential address.

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Adoption Process

You can access the forms using the buttons at the top of this page.

Once an animal is considered ready for adoption and posted on our website, Badgerland Reptile Rescue will wait three business days before reviewing and/or approving any applications. This allows equal consideration for anyone interested to submit their application.

If an animal does not have any approved applications after the initial timeline has passed, applications will then be reviewed upon submission. Our goal is to review applications and communicate our decision within one week of receiving an adoption application – however, as a volunteer-run organization, we appreciate your patience regarding any possible delays to this timeframe.

Once an adoption application is approved, an adoption agreement will be sent. The adoption agreement must be completed and the adoption fee must be paid in full prior to the adoption appointment.

Adoption appointments may be made using our Calendly (see button at top of the page or use this link).

For traditional adoptions, the adoption fees are as follows:

Ball Python, Corn Snake, Crested Gecko, Leopard Gecko$50
Bearded Dragon, Red Tail Boa, Savannah Monitor$60
Russian Tortoise, Box Turtle, Red-Footed Tortoise, Other Small/Medium Tortoise Species$60
Blue-Tongue Skink, Western Hognose, Chameleon$75
Tegu, Large Snake Species, Monitor Lizard (Non-Savannah Monitors)$100

Some exceptions do apply – for example, visual morphs and rare species may have an adoption fee increase.

Adoption fees are waived for pre-approved educational adoptions.

To qualify, an organization must be approved by Badgerland Reptile Rescue prior to submitting an adoption application.

Organizations generally must fall under one of the following categories:

  • Registered 501c3 educational organization providing community outreach
  • Public or private educational institution (K-12 or college)
  • Public libraries
  • AZA or ZAA accredited zoos and aquariums

Additional businesses or organizations may be approved at the discretion of Badgerland Reptile Rescue.

The following do not qualify for educational animal adoptions:

  • Homeschool classrooms
  • Individuals volunteers of an educational organization

Currently Available for Adoption