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MistKing Advanced Misting System, 5th Generation


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This is the latest 5th generation Advanced Misting System. Created based on most often ordered parts and feedback from our customers. Each version sold before had some major improvements that made it better than the previous. This time we tackled the improvement of the timers and the addition of a few crucial parts.

In the previous version, we created 3 completely custom timers suitable for various applications. You can pick and customize your system and control it exactly as you need it. Select the timer you want in your system. To learn more about how each timer works, please visit the timer page.

MistKing is always improving. Over the years we’ve spotted a bit of room for improvement over our previous version. In version 5 these are:

  • Improved timer electronics. Timers now have a 3 times higher electronics rating which better equips the timers for dealing with power outages and the high inductive demand of MistKing pumps.  This should improve system failure rates and add to MistKing’s reliability.
  • Reservoir Bulkhead has been custom designed from the ground up and is exclusive to MistKing. With its dense metal thread, you can now tighten with all required force without the worry of stripping.  We have even tested the bulkheads to squeeze a bucket without an o-ring and achieved a perfect seal.  Nevertheless use an o-ring for added security.
  • We now also include a small reservoir filter. No need to worry that floating debris will be sucked into the system and clog your nozzle. We love the color black in our systems, however, the filter is white to easily spot when it needs to be rinsed.
This Advanced Misting System v5.0 includes:

Advanced Misting System with a 3/8″ Backbone is a significantly more powerful system than the starter or ultimate. Unless you’re going to exceed 15-20 nozzles, we do not recommend upgrading to this misting system. Features a pump capable of pressures up to 125psi. Supports from 10 to 70+ nozzles of your choice. The actual number of nozzles depends on the complexity of the system. The pump can run continuously for hours at a time, EVEN DRY! These pumps are manufactured specifically for MistKing and are very robust.

This is the 4th generation MistKing system which includes the new seconds timer. If your need calls for a different timer, be sure to select it from the options on the right. To learn more about how each works visit the timer page:

This kit can be used as is, just get a suitable size reservoir. If you intend to use more nozzles, we recommend extending the 3/8″ tubing backbone and adding some extra Reducing Tee (link) connections, and then splitting into 1/4″ lines that will feed the individual misting assemblies. Alternatively, you can use a 7 port manifold fed by 3/8″ tubing or a combination of both.

We suggest using this kit as the backbone for a custom misting system. Just add parts, nozzles, and tubing, and expand on this workhorse. If you need help designing a system that will fit your particular situation, please contact us. Hobbyists and zoos run their entire animal rooms based on this kit or multiple kits.