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Zen Habitats 2’x2’x2′ Enclosure


Are you looking for an enclosure that accommodates any humidity level your pet needs? Our patent-pending 2’x2’x2’ PVC Reptile Enclosure is the ideal home for geckos, arboreal lizards and snakes, and other small animals. Our reptile enclosure is designed with you and your pet in mind. It sets up quickly with just a few screws and offers the flexibility to collapse, fold, and move easily. Our spacious vivarium enables you to create various zones and heat gradients. All Zen Habitats enclosures include unique features that help to reduce your pet’s anxiety and stress!

Our reptile enclosure really is a game-changer; it’s the most user-friendly reptile vivarium available! It only takes a few minutes to assemble, and when you’re done, you’ll have a reptile enclosure that is as attractive and sturdy as our original vivariums. Plus, it’s stackable using stands and spacers to create a custom reptile enclosure setup that’s perfect for you and your pet!

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