Surrenders + Rehoming

There are many reasons that an individual may choose to surrender their animal. Badgerland Reptile Rescue understands that this is a difficult decision and does not judge anyone for making this choice.

Badgerland Reptile Rescue requires the animal’s legal owner to fill out the surrender form and be involved in all discussions regarding surrender. We also require all individuals to be over 18 years old for surrender or adoption. Badgerland Reptile Rescue will request to see a copy of the individual’s driver’s license at the surrender appointment for identity verification purposes.

Our organization is unable to accept the following species: red-eared sliders, painted turtles, yellow-bellied sliders, other aquatic turtle species, and green iguanas.

If we are able to accept your animal for surrender to our organization, we do require you to transport the animal to Kenosha, Wisconsin (or another mutually agreed-upon location) on your scheduled appointment date.

We require a completed form for each individual animal. Badgerland Reptile Rescue appreciates you providing detailed information on the animal’s history. Your answers will help our organization and the animal’s possible future owner. A link to the surrender form is located at the top of this page.

Badgerland Reptile Rescue will do its best to respond to each inquiry in a timely manner. Please remember that we are a volunteer-run organization with limited resources.

Multiple submissions for the same animal will be deleted. We ask that you remain patient as we review your form, an individual from Badgerland Reptile Rescue will reach out to you if we are able to accept your animal.

Once you have received an email notifying you that Badgerland Reptile Rescue is able to accept your animal, you may book a surrender appointment using our Calendly (a link is also provided at the top of the page). Appointments made prior to receiving a confirmation email will be canceled.

There is no required fee to surrender your animal. You are welcome to provide a donation if you choose.

We do not require enclosures or equipment to be brought with your animal but we will take anything you want to bring. Front-opening and PVC enclosures are always appreciated and extra supplies (such as lighting equipment, etc) are often used in our foster program. If needed, we may sell any items that we do not use to help raise funds for our organization.